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Message from Maria on COVID-19

Dear Friends and Park Users,
In uncertain times Parks are a place to de-stress. Marine Park, because of its large size, allows many people to use the Park’s paths and trails and still maintain safe social distancing. Get outside for Vitamin D from sunlight, fresh air and to keep moving. You need to stay healthy both mentally and physically during this Covid-19 pandemic.
Last night NYC Parks Department placed signs closing all fields and courts to discourage groups forming. This will be enforced to protect each one of us.
Playgrounds are not closed yet, but I think that will be just a matter of time.
I’m thinking of you all and how best to use Marine Park for your health and well-being. Get outside and keep a safe distance from others. We’ll try to keep you posted about things going on in the park as the pandemic progresses.
Take deep breaths. As a matter of fact, why not try one right now while you have a moment? Close your eyes and take a deep, deep breath and hold it….then release it nice and slowly…..then do that twice more.
The park is here for you. If you can’t make it outside, the park will be here for you when this is all over.
Be well,
Maria D’Alessandro
Board Chair
Marine Park Alliance