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Touch-Me-Not Isn’t Just a Flower’s Name

As the sun comes out to shine on Marine Park, so do all the people in need of fresh air. The park is here for you, but….you can’t touch each other. Really. For everyone’s sake. 

The City has had to take down basketball hoops and today they locked tennis courts and playgrounds to stop people from gathering and spreading the coronavirus. 
You don’t have to touch anyone or anything to smell the latest flower blossoms or watch birds beginning to build their nests or soaking up Vitamin D. Marine Park Alliance’s mission is to promote the park for the health and well-being of all New Yorkers. It has always seemed a logical task until now. It’s really a delicate balance at this time and we all need to help each other follow the Ciy’s guidelines to stay healthy and safe. The rules seem to change daily so your best source is to refer to NYC Department of Health guidelines, which you can access here.
Stay in touch online. Or as they say in the museums, “Touch with your eyes.”
Be well and safe,
Maria D’Alessandro
Board Chair