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Thank a Parkie Today

Did you know that Parks workers are considered essential City staff? They are required to work through this COVID-19 crisis to keep the park safe and clean for you. Today, Marine Park staff received Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from NYC Parks and their union, DC37. Each field employee received masks, a box of gloves, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a letter of gratitude from NYC Parks.

Thank goodness for them or we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our daily walks, runs or bike rides today. 
When you see a park worker, please say thank you and wave to them from at least six feet away. Parks are essential respites for us when we’ve spent too much time indoors. 
Because urban parks don’t take care of themselves, we at Marine Park Alliance are tremendously grateful for each NYC Parks worker and the families that support them.
Cheers to the Parkies!
Maria D’Alessandro 
Board Chair