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Storm Damages

It was a short storm, but the damages are long-lasting.

Marine Park was one of the hardest-hit places with yesterday’s storm — dozens of huge trees were injured or fell. Streets were partially or completely closed off. Cars were crushed. Luckily, no one was badly hurt. The majestic old oak trees that give Marine Park its wonderful character were planted in the 1930’s so they are getting close to 100 years old. Many are coming to the end of their life spans. 

Help us take care of these old beauties and to manage the next generation of mature trees. A donation of $25 allows us to purchase a folding saw and $50 a pair of long-handled pruners. We care about our trees and how they grow. We hope you do too. Making a donation is easy to do. Just click here.

Maria D’Alessandro

Board Chair, Marine Park Alliance