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New Year’s Resolutions?

Did you make any? I did — just one. My resolution: I want to share with you even more about how Marine Park can better your life, everyone’s life. There are studies out there that show how just being around nature brings down your blood pressure, how breathing deeply calms the senses, how walking on paths without a destination clears the mind, and how giving back makes you feel a part of something bigger. “Bigger” yourself by doing these things in the park. I try to do them daily, but any amount will be beneficial to you.

Today I commit to staying in touch with you more often about what’s going on in Marine Park, so your health and well-being get stronger in 2021. What’s good for you is good for Brooklyn.

I’ll keep you posted on the City’s Covid-19 rules in the park, make sure you have access to a map of all the park’s facilities, and let you how you can pitch in volunteer hours to make the park even better than it already is. There are many ways to stay in touch. Connect with us through this blog, or on our social media platforms: @MarineParkAlliance on Facebook and Instagram, and @marinepkallies on Twitter. You can always email us at

Hope to see you in the park soon,

Maria Carro D’Alessandro, Board Chair