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The Voice of the Park

Marine Park Alliance is the voice of the Park. What does that mean? It means that we have taken on the critical role of advocating for the park.


It means that we communicate with the City, NYC Parks and elected officials about particular needs for the park and for the people who use it. Here are some examples of what we have done on behalf of the park and its users in the past year.



  • After Hurricane Isaias, tree debris was stored at Ave S parking lot for many weeks, eventually causing respiratory issues for residents and walkers. One of our board members brought it to the attention of a local television station and the debris was removed.


  • Our Forever Wild Committee created a landscape management plan in collaboration with NYC Parks to promote planting native species and protecting natural habitats. 


  • We speak with elected officials to keep a focus on Parks needs and their representatives sit on our Community Committee, which meets to discuss issues on the park's built environment.


  • We post social media messaging informing the public of current changes in the park such as capital projects and messaging from the City such as the changing Covid-19 rules.


The park needs a voice. When we have a chorus of people who care, it is heard as a larger, louder voice. If you'd like to voice your opinions, please email and ask how to get involved in advocacy and stewardship of this beloved park. We look forward to hearing from you!