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Improving Park Equity: Black History Month

Marine Park Alliance is catching up with the movement for Park Equity as we highlight Black History Month for the first time in Marine Park. We've served all Park visitors since our organization started eight years ago, but have noticed the opportunity to make the park more welcoming to those who don’t often receive the spotlight here. In an effort to change this, we have initiated cultural programming that recognizes and applauds people of color who use the park. For example, last fall we created the Festival of Lights series honoring the fascinating role that the element of light plays in the ceremonies of many different cultures, and now for  Black History Month, we celebrate in social media three remarkable Black leaders making a strong positive impact in our park. 

Next year we trust that the positive trajectory in ending the pandemic will allow us to hold live events for all our programming including Black History Month. What a joy it will be to gather together again!

As we plan ahead, our mission is to better represent the users of the park in everything we do. From programming and board development to taking on staff, we aim to grow and diversify at the same time. This critical work, already in progress, allows us to better serve you and the park.

We will keep you posted as these exciting changes continue to come to fruition!

Maria Carro D’Alessandro, Board Chair