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Looking Back at Earth Month and Forward to an Equitable Future for Marine Park

As we reach the end of April, I’d like to thank all of the amazing volunteers and supporters who helped the Alliance and its partnering organizations honor the spirit of Earth Month. Together we accomplished several cleanups, plant ups, and other activities that greatly contribute to the vibrancy of the Park and its surrounding communities. 

I’d also like to remind you that just as everyone in the city is welcome to freely enjoy the Park itself and the many programs that take place here, everyone likewise has a responsibility to support New York’s park system, which we all benefit from. Our elected officials and civil servants are not exempt; in fact, they have an obligation to support parks like ours in ways they are uniquely capable of.  The most urgent and impactful way they can do this is by adequately funding our parks. 

I leave you with my letter to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Within it I address NYC Parks’ urgent need for adequate funding and implore the mayor to follow through on his promise to dedicate 1% of the City’s budget to its greenspaces. If you love parks as much as I do, please sign New Yorkers for Parks’ Play Fair petition here. Supporting NYP's campaign will help ensure that the Mayor and City Council adopt an equitable and adequate budget for our parks.

Maria Carro- D'Alessandro, Board Chair