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Progress on Capital Projects in Marine Park

Click the arrows to see the projects currently underway at Marine Park

Did you know that there are five funded capital projects currently going on in Marine Park? After 20-30 years, each Parks facility that is well loved and used needs a capital renovation.

Capital projects are carried out in three phases after funding has been received — I. Design, II. Procurement, and III. Construction.  If you’d like to check which phase each of Marine Park's capital projects is in, you can always visit the Capital Tracker on NYC Parks website, but below is a brief summary of the progress so far. 


Salt Marsh Nature Center

Renovation is currently underway and expected to be completed in Spring 2023. 


Forest Restoration 

Design was completed last year and procurement should be finished this summer. Contractors will begin work this fall removing invasive species and planting native species habitats within forested natural areas in the upland forest of Gerritsen Beach section of the park.


Playground 278 Reimagined

Renovation design was recently completed and procurement has begun. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2024. 


Oval Path Renovation 

This project includes new asphalt pavement, drainage and water supply, drinking fountains, and benches. Design is completed, procurement will finish in the fall and construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2023.


Golf Course Entrance Path

Reconstruction design was completed last year and procurement should be finished this summer. Fall begins the actual reconstruction of the pavement, curbs, and drainage at the main entrance and areas adjacent to the clubhouse.



Keep a watch out for all these great changes within the coming year!


-Maria Carro- D’Alessandro, Board Chair