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Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? Think Again!

For organizations like MPA that look after the park, it may not matter how you vote, but it absolutely matters that you vote. Here’s why: 

Setting red vs. blue aside, elected officials dig into data about the size of an area’s voting pool when making fiscal decisions. In other words, they look at how many active voters there are in an area when choosing how much of their time and resources to spend there. It’s a measure of who cares.

Public records for the 2018 midterm elections show that in the districts surrounding Marine Park, only 40% of residents voted. Why would our regional elected officials want to invest in the parks here in southern Brooklyn, when less than half of the area’s registered voters actually participate? How can we expect the borough president, the mayor, the senators, or the governor to support us if we don’t turn up at the polls to show them that we matter? 

If you want the best for your park, show the regional elected officials that you care about your community – VOTE! Regardless of who you choose, it’s good for the park, good for your community and good for you. 

Early voting begins on October 29, 2022, and Election Day is November 8, 2022. Let’s get out the vote!


– Maria Carro- D'Alessandro, Board Chair

What’s in a Ballot? 

You may be wondering why it is important to vote aside from choosing your representatives. Supporting the causes you care about is a powerful reason to do so – and those causes are all laid out on the ballot upon which you cast your vote. 

This year, the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Bond Act is on the ballot. It is critically important that we all support it because there is tremendous funding that comes with it for conservation efforts similar to ours. 

The Bond Act will help provide sorely needed funds and personnel dedicated to the park and management of its natural areas. Despite their name, these areas don’t just happen by themselves in an urban setting; if they aren’t managed, they will revert back to weeds and refuse.

30 years ago Marine Park had acre upon acre of tall weeds and dumped cars. It took millions of dollars of environmental bond act funds to transform this neglected site into the glorious saltmarsh meadow that we enjoy today. Yet we haven’t seen Bond Act money in over 25 years, and we need it to continue those efforts and keep our park beautiful. 

We can’t stress enough the importance for every registered voter to participate! If you can’t participate on Election Day, take advantage of early voting or mail your vote in. We NEED you to vote yes on Prop 1 – the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Bond Act. We’re counting on you to be counted!


You can find more information about the Bond Act and other proposals on this year’s ballot here


– Maria Carro- D'Alessandro, Board Chair