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The Marine Park Alliance relies on the support of volunteers, interns, and donors to be successful. If you’re interested in getting involved, click on one of the links below to find out how you can contribute to making Marine Park a better place for all of us.

In 2019, the Marine Park Alliance organized approximately 1,000 volunteers over the course of the year to help clean up the park. Leaves were collected, garden beds weeded, roses dead-headed, sucker growth pruned, trails opened, dump sites cleared, wood chips spread, and lamp posts and pipe rail painted. In twelve clean up events approximately 1,000 volunteers assisted, tripling our efforts from the previous year.

Also in 2019, the Alliance hosted and organized popular community events such as the Chinese New Year celebration, Women’s Month presentations, an Arts & Crafts Show, and the beloved Santa in the Park program.

Want to get involved in these efforts, or have your own idea on how to improve Marine Park? Join us! Use our contact form to get started.