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Honoring with Flowers

Some of the thousands of daffodils planted by Marine Park Alliance volunteers.

When winter ends, bright yellow, pink and purple flowers push up from the soil all around the park. The beauty of daffodils, phlox and bluebells surges to announce the coming of spring. Did you know you can honor someone with a gift of planting more flowers in Marine Park? With a $50 donation to Honoring with Flowers, we will send you or the person you are honoring an e-card that recognizes this special gift.** When you see the stunning blossoms each year, you’ll know you’ve been a part of it.

Just click on the Donate button to make your $50 contribution and write on the Contact Us page whom you would like to honor. 

Marine Park Alliance has planted thousands of flowers for the pleasure of all the Park’s visitors. We will plant many thousands more in years to come.

**Planting locations cannot be chosen and plaques will not be posted.