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Our Mission & Values

Father and son build together in Santa’s Workshop.



Marine Park Alliance assists NYC Parks with a mission to provide cultural, environmental and volunteer programming in Marine Park for the health and well-being of all New Yorkers. To carry out this mission the group envisions elevating this city park as a southern Brooklyn cultural gem programmatically and ecologically.  All programs are free to the public.


The Alliance provides indoor winter cultural events including the multicultural Festival of Lights, Lunar New Year, Arts & Crafts Festivals, Women’s Month, Cinco De Mayo, and Santa in the Park. Our outdoor work with volunteers is our strongest program. We see giving back to the park as a responsibility of all park users and important to the park’s success.

These tools are critical for volunteers helping out in the park.


The Alliance guides its work with carefully considered values when delivering its programs.

  • We cherish the beauty of plants and wildlife and promote their biodiversity for the ecological health of precious natural areas.
  • We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We see giving back to the park in tithe, time, or talent as the responsibility of park users of all ages. It is deeply beneficial to the park’s success.
  • We are an Alliance collaborating and partnering with other organizations to strengthen all endeavors.