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Tree Dedications

Tree Dedications

Trees represent so many aspects of life. That’s why they are the perfect natural way to honor beloved people and memorable events. Marine Park’s exceptional trees act as lungs for New York City – they absorb tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. Our trees provide shade for families to enjoy, and beauty for us to admire.

If you share our reverence for trees, you can make a dedication to sponsor an existing one. Your gift will help preserve this unique urban forest.

Plant a Woodlands Restoration Sapling

$50 to help keep our park sustainable and green.
Each spring and fall, small saplings are planted in various natural areas in the park that are being restored.  These saplings are native species and are part of an ongoing effort to protect the park from invasive vines and weed trees. The sapling and its location will be selected by the Marine Park Gardeners according to the needs of our landscape programs. Due to the large scale planting projects, we are unable to keep track of the sapling’s species or location; donors will not know exactly where the sapling has been planted, or the sapling’s species.  Your gift will be acknowledged with a special certificate.

Communal Arbor Day Tree Planting

$100 for the opportunity to give back to your community in honor of a loved one or special event.
Each Arbor Day, a communal tree will be planted in Marine Park.  This tree will be open for multiple donors to contribute to and all donors will be invited to the tree planting on Arbor Day.  The species and location of the tree will be chosen by the Marine Park Gardeners.  Your gift will be acknowledged with a special certificate.

Existing Trees

If you have a favorite tree in the Park, your dedication will honor a loved one while helping us monitor the growth and development of the tree.
$500 for an Understory Tree Choices include Ironwood, American Hop Hornbeam, and Flowering Dogwood.
$750 for a High Canopy Tree Choices include well-known trees such as Tulip Tree, Red Oak, White Oak, Bitternut Hickory, Sweet Gum and White Pine. Your name will be listed in Marine Park Alliance’s Annual Report.

To order, CONTACT US with your request.