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Was your day in the Park worth 10¢?

If you went birding, attended the Autumn Festival, enjoyed a jazz or children’s concert, took your child to a playground program, or saw volunteers keeping the park green, you experienced MPA’s work in action. 

Marine Park Alliance (MPA) is a volunteer-led group committed to providing cultural, environmental, and volunteer programming for the park we love. We provide these programs free of charge and keep you informed of what’s happening in the park through social media, our monthly newsletter and our website. 

Producing programs does have a cost. Experts are hired to lead walks, supplies for programs and maintenance are purchased, and performing artists and organizers are paid. 

Now that the City has to make drastic budget cuts, it is more important than ever to pull together as a community – including you – to make sure Marine Park remains fun, safe, and beautiful for all.

Please show how much you care by donating just 10¢ a day for the year – that’s a $36.50 contribution – or make a gift in any amount that is comfortable for you. It will go towards bettering the Park. Just click on the Donate button on this page or send a check to Marine Park Alliance at 3000 Fillmore Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234.









  • Keeping You Informed: Communications such as print calendars, newsletters, and our Facebook and Instagram posts ensure you always know what’s happening in the Park.
  • Uplifting Traditions: The multicultural series Festival of Lights celebrates the diverse communities that use the Park.
  • Filling the Gap: The Just for Kids series fills the lack of programs for children and their families despite there being an abundance of senior programs in the Park.
  • Bringing in Experts: The Birding Series brings in experts to help people observe avian life, an engagement that turns people into conservationists.
  • Honoring Black History Month: This past year provided the first Black History Month programming for the Park with a Jazz concert.
  • Restoring Native Plants: Ecological Restoration of native plants along Avenue U turned a wall of invasive weed plants into a one-acre meadow exposing the view of the marsh.
  • Updating Sculptures: Local artists transformed the Snake Park sculptures with vibrant designs.
  • Bringing Together Volunteers: Landscape Volunteering organizes people to pitch in beautifying and maintaining the park. The  4,000 volunteer hours in 2022 is equivalent to two full-time Park Workers!
  • Conducting a User Study: A User Study with 2,100 responses and a comprehensive Five-year Strategic Plan resulted from a deep collaboration with Columbia University’s Sustainability Management Program.
  • Uniting Committees: The Park’s Forever Wild Committee and the Community Committee coalesce representatives from nonprofit groups that care about Park issues and discuss solutions to better the Park.
  • Advocating for Funding: Advocacy for more park funding is ongoing as MPA is an active member of the Parks & Open Spaces Partnership for NYC

With PayPal, giving is as easy as pressing a button.

If you would like to mail in a donation, you can make your check out to Marine Park Alliance and send it to:

3000 Fillmore Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234